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2015 Comprehensive Plan Review

Comprehensive Plan Review

Comprehensive plans are land development policy statements for five to 20 year periods by local governments. Most jurisdictions in the Upstate have a comprehensive plan, which is required in South Carolina if a locality wishes to enact land regulation such as zoning.

In partnership with the Clemson University Masters in City & Regional Planning program, TATT and the Upstate Professional Planners Group spent the 2014 Fall semester doing a regional analysis of local comprehensive plans to identify future growth hot spots, growth policies, key issues perceived to effect growth and change and the degree of current or potential coordination at the borders of various localities across the region.

A draft of the analysis was presented to the TATT Sustainable Growth Task Force on January 29th. A more complete presentation was made at the Upstate Professional Planners Meeting on February 25th. During this meeting, participants discussed some of the key findings from the analysis while also identifying opportunities for how to work collaboratively to address some of the future growth areas identified in the analysis.

Final TATT Presentation 3.02.15

Comprehensive Plan Review Presentation