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Sustainable Growth

Encouraging future growth in appropriate locations by means that enhance livability in the Upstate

With significant growth projected for our future, creating a culture that values living and growing in a sustainable manner is essential.

We will implement reasonable approaches to land use planning and development that support orderly and sustainable growth that is innovative, attractive and fits the landscape of the community. We will maintain roads and promote other transportation enhancements such as bike paths, walkability and public transit that make it easier for all residents to travel across the region for work or play.


  • Partnered with the Clemson University graduate program to develop the Regional Vision Tool Kit
  • Created the Upstate Professional Planners Group, which discusses opportunities for regional collaboration and to support economic development and sustainable growth
  • Helped facilitate development of a regional Memorandum of Understanding between Greenville Pickens Area Transportation Study, Spartanburg Area Transportation Study and Appalachian Council of Governments that allows these transportation organizations to partner on initiatives, grants and projects

Sustainable Growth Initiatives

January 11th, 2018 Workshop Notes
On January 11, 2018, workshop attendees gained insight into the varying factors that influence development patterns, and highlighted one important tool local jurisdictions have at their disposal to manage growth and future land use - the Comprehensive Plan.

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Preferred Development Patterns, Who Chooses?

Attendees of the May 3rd, 2018 workshop explored the concepts of neighborhood and community revitalization as it relates to affordable housing. Speakers highlighted a project in Anderson, SC known as "61 Hills" and discussed the intersection between land use, communities & social equity.

61 Hills Presentation_Maurice McKenzie

2018.5.3 SOF Q2 Training_Barrett

To get involved in the Sustainable Growth task force, please contact Dewey Evans, Program Manager.

Committee Chair:

Phil Lindler, Greenwood County

Michael Forman, GSP International Airport

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