Sustainable Growth

Encouraging future growth in appropriate locations by means that enhance livability in the Upstate

Creating a balance between available resources and our consumptive society is an ongoing challenge that will continue to challenge our communities and its leaders as the Upstate continues to grow. The 2017 Shaping Our Future Growth Analysis illustrated that if the Upstate continues utilizing land for development at the current trend rate, more land will move from open space to developed between 2015 and 2040 than from the beginning of time through 2015. Many factors contribute to land use, including development patterns, transportation and mobility, infrastructure, available housing and workforce flow.

Get Involved

To get involved with a Sustainable Growth initiative, please contact Sharon Purvis.


Connecting Our Future

An effort to create a regional vision for transportation, mobility, and connectivity in the ten counties of the Upstate, led by Ten at the Top

Upstate Professional Planners

To educate and convene professional planners from across the Upstate

In 2017, with the support of various regional partners, TATT began the Connecting Our Future Mobility, Transportation & Connectivity Initiative. The first phase included the development of a Shared Mobility Vision for the Upstate as well as identification of potential regional strategies. Phase 2 is currently underway and includes refining these strategies and development of a Regional Mobility Coalition.

TATT coordinated the development of a regional food system strategy that became the framework for the Feed & Seed Initiative.

Created and regularly convene the Upstate Professional Planners Group comprised of city, county and private sector planners in the Upstate. The Professional Planners Group then, in turn, created the Upstate Planners Tool Kit and coordinated a regional Comprehensive Plan Analysis.

TATT helped facilitate the development of a regional Memorandum of Understanding between Greenville Pickens Area Transportation Study, Spartanburg Area Transportation Study and Appalachian Council of Governments that allows these organizations to partner on initiatives, grants and projects.

In 2018, TATT, Upstate Forever and the Appalachian Council of Governments have coordinated quarterly continuing education workshops for city & county planning commissions and elected officials.