Ten Counties. One Upstate. Stronger Together


Here are Four Ways You Can Get Involved with Ten at the Top in 2015:

Task Force or Committee Member

As part of the Our Upstate Vision, Ten at the Top has created five Task Forces each focused on a driver area of the vision.

  • Human Potential (Education, Senior Issues, Workforce Development, Public Health)
  • Economic & Entrepreneurial Vitality (Entrepreneurial Needs, Workforce Development, Economic Vitality)
  • Sustainable Growth (Transportation, Infrastructure, Professional Planners Group)
  • Natural Beauty & Resources (Air Quality Attainment, Water Planning, Land Usage)
  • Community Vibrancy (Downtowns, Sense of Place, Community Activities, Regional Calendar)

TATT also has a number of committees focused around specific initiatives or opportunities within the five driver areas. In 2014, Ten at the Top will be reconvening its five Driver Area Task Forces to review what has been done and what opportunities should be the next focus. This will be an excellent time for you, or others from your organization, to become involved with Ten at the Top.

Ten at the Top also coordinates several other regional committees including a Senior Issues Group, Workforce & Skill Development Stakeholders Group and the Upstate Air Quality Advisory Committee. In addition, TATT has several support committees including a Communications Committee, Regional Forums Committee and a Fundraising Committee.

If you are interested in becoming involved with any TATT Task Force or committee, please contact Tiffany Tate, Assistant Director.