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Every dollar donated to Ten at the Top makes an impact in our Upstate communities.

Giving Levels

Regional Steward
  • $25,000+ per year
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Regional Benefactor
  • $15,000+ per year
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Regional Partner
  • $10,000+ per year
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Regional Sponsor
  • $5,000 per year
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Regional Advocate
  • $2,500+ per year
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Regional patron
  • $1,000+ per year
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Supporting Gift
  • Individual or small business contributions of under $1,000
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Sponsorship: Our Upstate Vision Forums
  • Series Visionary Sponsor $7,500 (limited availability)
  • Series Supporting Sponsor $3,000 (multiple available)
  • Individual Forum Sponsorships - $5,000 (one available per forum); $2,500 (multiple available per forum); Supporting Sponsor $1,000 (multiple available per forum)
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Sponsorship: The Upstate Bus Tours
  • Three Bus Tours $2,000
  • Two Bus Tours $1,500
  • One Bus Tour $1,000
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Sponsorship: Upstate Elected Officials Meetings
  • Two Meeting $1,000
  • One Meeting $800
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Sponsorship: Task Forces
  • Choose one or more of the five Task Force (TF)
  • One TF $3,000 per year
  • Two TFs $5,000 per year
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Sponsorship: Annual Report Publication
  • Large-scale Annual Report Publication $3,000
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