Top Action Items, Ranked


    “Clear career pathways (industry and company specific) that include wage ranges and education.”


    Next, the groups at the tables chose their top action item from their 3 to submit to the whole group, and those top choices were ranked as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice by participants. Here are the top action items, with rankings:

    Top from Table1st2nd3rdtotal
    Clear career pathways (industry and company specific) that include wage ranges and education1310528
    Provide networking and training programs for the technicians in manufacturiing (or similar roles—the hourly workers) that to not always make it to the PULSE events.531523
    Work with local high schools and colleges to equip students with the skills and experiences needed to be successful in the workforce (i.e., soft skills, resources, knowledge base, professionalism, etc.)311317
    Being proactive to the needs of employees to better retain/recruit based on individual needs410317
    Strategic, public-facing efforts to identify, engage, equip small businesses and entrepreneurs to work toward business development and medium-LT success (financing, mentorship, insurance)47617
    Developing measurable indicators of professional elevation (D&I, community investment, internships, etc.) for local companies to be publicly reported62715
    Don’t overlook employees who have been here 5-10 for advancement opportunities: managers should communicate with employees and be transparent about opportunities; expose employees to other aspects of the business (cross-train)53614
    We have got to bring under-employed into the workplace: Forgiveness programs, training, transportation, childcare90110
    Create environments to shape/educate Spartanburg’s economic and employment opportunities at all income levels.34310
    Determine the “why”: gap analysis of why 40-44 year olds are leaving organizations and the community. Understand the importance of that age group.1113
    Civility in the workplace1001