What Is Something You Love About Laurens County?

    “The small-town feel is charming.”


    With just a few exceptions, the answers to this question fell into four broad categories: history, natural resources, quality of life, and services/facilities. The vast majority (45 out of 68 responses) were in the quality of life category, with  small-town feel, friendly people, and a sense of community—or variations of those—being the most common responses.




    • History and historic buildings
    • Our downtowns: charm/historic preservation
    • Preservation of history
    • The square and the historic courthouse

    Natural Resources

    • Beautiful land and outdoor spaces
    • Geography/resources
    • Lake Greenwood
    • Natural beauty
    • Outdoors—fishing/geography and resources
    • Recreation opportunities

    Quality of Life

    • Little/no traffic (3 responses)
    • The people (6 responses)
    • Location (4 responses)
    • Rural lifestyle (3 responses)
    • Sense of belonging/community (5)
    • Small-town/hometown feel (13 responses)
    • A place that my children and grandchildren want to stay
    • Size: small enough, large enough
    • Hospitality of people and businesses
    • Agriculture
    • I love my work with the children of Laurens County
    • Quiet quality of life
    • Living here since it’s home!


    • Land management
    • Medical and healthcare
    • Our beautiful downtown square (2 responses)
    • Presbyterian College (2 responses)
    • Motel/hotel


    • Diversity of jobs w/ workforce training that meets the needs
    • Low cost of living
    • Focus on STEM—Robotics in Clinton and Laurens
    • Schools