What keeps people from using existing services?

    “Many people are not aware of the available services; those that are often don’t understand the breadth of the services and so they don’t approach for assistance.”

    Awareness is a big component of what keeps people from using services, but there are other things that keep people from taking advantage of the help that is available to them in starting up a business.

    Current/potential small business owners said:

    • People say they are not aware business exists
    • Wrong time of day for working people
    • Time; travel to workshop, follow-up, meet, etc. = lost production
    • Lack of clarity about what’s available and how to use it

    Small business providers said:

    • Lack of knowledge, awareness, trust
    • People do not know that these services are available
    • No time as they work full time
    • Courage
    • Poor credit score

    Other interested individuals said:

    • Fear
    • Lack of awareness
    • Distance to services
    • Scheduling
    • Funding
    • Knowing who to go to for their questions
    • Fear of unknown
    • Programs are new—need unified cross-promotion from all organizations
    • Fear of failure