Creating A Safer Upstate

    Creating a safer and more united Upstate


    To create a safer and more united Upstate Region where all law enforcement stakeholders work collaboratively with community leaders to foster a culture that respects and values the lives of officers and all residents.


    Leverage the collaboration and cooperation of the Ten at the Top Upstate Counties to establish a Safer Upstate Steering Committee to represent, support and communicate local efforts to improve relationships between law enforcement and community residents across the region.

    Goals & Recommendations

    The Safer Upstate Steering Committee will focus on the following goals:

    1. Engage law enforcement officials, community leaders and residents to work together to build healthy working relationships that elevate mutual respect, value cultural differences, and acknowledge the roles and responsibilities that each play in creating safer Upstate Communities.
    1. Provide regular opportunities for law enforcement and community leaders to convene to proactively discuss community issues and emerging law enforcement topics while exploring approaches that can be implemented across the Upstate Region.
    1. Enhance public trust by documenting, sharing and implementing best practice approaches for developing a sustainable, healthy relationship between law enforcement officials and the greater Upstate Community.

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