Economic & Entrepreneurial Vitality

Growing the competitiveness of the Upstate in the global economy

The Upstate’s economy has diversified in recent decades to become better positioned for growth in the Global Economy of the 21st Century. The Upstate is now home to both traditional manufacturing and a growing stable of national and international companies focused on research and innovation. In addition, an expanding legion of entrepreneurs and small businesses are dotting the landscape and serving as a key element of the Upstate’s economy. Continuing to cultivate and support small businesses and entrepreneurs is a critical component of the future economic growth of the region.

Get Involved

To get involved in the Economic and Entrepreneurial Vitality initiative, please contact Kaylee Harrison.


Entrepreneur Support Providers Network

Directory provides professionals within the Upstate ecosystem (anyone in an official position that a small or start-up business person asks for help) preliminary assessment skills so they can effectively diagnose the issues and send the business owner to the appropriate resource for help

Upstate Alternative Capital Providers Network

Provides space for non-traditional lenders (Angel Investors, Micro Lenders, Venture Capitalists, etc.) to connect with one another, share best practices, and refer clients when appropriate.

Upstate Elected Officials Meeting: The Entrepreneur Friendly Toolkit

A planning program for supporting and attracting small business development

TATT’s Economic and Entrepreneurial Task Force created the framework for the Entrepreneurial Friendly Community Tool Kit that the Appalachian Council of Governments developed into an online tool for communities looking to enhance their support of entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneur Support Providers Network created by Ten at the Top provides a regular opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs across the region to come together to share ideas and build their collective capacity. The network began hosting quarterly meetings in 2017 and is working to build the Upstate’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In 2015, TATT compiled an inventory of non-traditional lending sources in the Upstate and has hosted regular meetings focusing on issues and opportunities for funding growth and other capital to support small businesses and entrepreneurs in the area.

TATT has hosted multiple forums and meetings of educators and workforce development professionals looking to develop regional efforts to grow and enhance the Upstate’s workforce.

TATT partnered with Upstate SC Alliance and several Chambers of Commerce from across the region to develop a talent recruitment web site and marketing campaign for enhancing the Upstate’s workforce.