Human Potential

Creating opportunities for all Upstate residents to succeed

The greatest strength of Upstate South Carolina is its people. However, our greatest challenge is to ensure that all of our residents have the opportunity to reach their full potential. We must promote and support a culture that enhances human potential through educational achievement, workforce training, cultural and creative activities, and healthy living.

Get Involved

To get involved with Human Potential Initiatives, please contact  Sharon Purvis, Program Manager


Senior Issues Group

Identifies and addresses issues faced by our aging population, focusing on the well-being of senior citizens in the Upstate

Upstate Education Spectrum

Forums for Upstate K-12, higher education, and business and economic development leaders to explore and identify opportunities for connectivity and collaboration

Upstate Employability Credential Initiative

A collaborative effort among the Upstate’s school districts to develop an Employability Curriculum for students in the Upstate region

Since 2015, TATT has hosted at least one annual meeting with superintendents, school board members, and other officials from the 23 school districts in the region. In 2018, this effort led to the Education Spectrum Initiative where TATT is partnering with Public Education Partners to lead a regional effort of K-12, college/university and business/economic development stakeholders to identify opportunities to address the teacher shortage from a regional perspective.

In 2018, TATT convened representatives from the 23 school districts in the Upstate to develop consistent regional curriculum for the new Employability Credential passed by the SC Legislature for students who complete 12 years of school, but are not able to meet the academic requirements for a high school diploma. TATT is also helping connect the districts with companies that can serve as mentors and provide internships for these students.
Since 2012, TATT’s Senior Issues committee has brought together service providers to identify opportunities for collaboration around the needs of seniors in the Upstate. In 2019, TATT will host quarterly workshops focusing on best practices and opportunities to build the collective capacity around a different area of need for seniors in the Upstate.

In 2017, TATT unveiled interactive maps, powered by Google, focused around assets and resources across the Upstate for Senior Needs, Organizations Supporting Child Well-Being, and Educational Institutions. Click here to view.