Natural Beauty & Resources

    Serving as reliable stewards of our natural environment and resources

    One of the most recognizable components of life in the Upstate is the abundance of natural beauty that includes mountains, lakes, parks, farms, and forests. There are communities across the country and world that have struggled with balancing the desire to maintain their natural beauty and resources in the face of economic and growth pressures. It is essential for the future of the Upstate to recognize that the two goals are not mutually exclusive. For more information, read about our natural beauty and resource programs. 

    Clean Air Upstate

    Having clean air that allows all residents to safely enjoy outdoor activity is a crucial component of our quality of life. Learn how you can help promote Clean Air in Upstate South Carolina.

    Interactive Resource Map

     To highlight the abundance of outdoor recreation activities in the Upstate, TATT has created an interactive map that includes trails, waterfalls, lakes, and more!