Natural Beauty and Resources


Serving as reliable stewards of our natural environment and resources

To many, one of the most prominent and most recognizable components of life in the Upstate is the abundance of natural beauty that includes mountains, lakes, parks, farms, and forests. There are examples of communities across the country and world that have struggled with balancing the desire to maintain their natural beauty and resources in the face of economic and growth pressures. It will be vital to the future for the Upstate to recognize that the two goals are not mutually exclusive.

Get Involved

To get involved with Natural Beauty & Resource initiatives, please contact Sharon Purvis, Director of Outreach and Special Projects.


Clean Air Upstate

Seeks to bring awareness to air quality issues facing our region and serve as a resource for interested community stakeholders
Since 2012, TATT has served as the coordinator of the Upstate Air Quality Advisory Committee in partnership with South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.
Created the Clean Air Upstate campaign. For the first time ever, when more stringent air quality standards were announced by EPA in 2015, the Upstate region was immediately within attainment without need for any mitigation.
In 2017, TATT unveiled an interactive map powered by Google to plot all of the Upstate’s assets and resources for outdoor recreation and activities in the region including trails, waterfalls, lakes and other natural resources. Click to view.
Ten at the Top partnered with Upstate Forever and the Riley Institute at Furman University to conduct the Shaping Our Future Growth Analysis, which looked at current land use trends in the region as well as fiscal impacts and alternative growth patterns.