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    Wells Fargo Speaker Series Presents: Cryptocurrency: Analysis of Bitcoin price history and legitimacy

    March 24, 2021@12:10 pm-1:10 pm


    Between July 2010 and February 2021, the price of Bitcoin rose from $0.0008 to $53,154; an astronomical return of 6,644,249,900% over a period of less than 11 years. This fact has puzzled not only Main Street people but also Wall Street professionals. While debates on the legitimacy and the true value of Bitcoin are still raging, many feel they missed the first train and want to jump on the next one as quickly as they can. However, the lack of cryptocurrency and a clear understanding of Bitcoin are the biggest concerns preventing them from making the move. In this presentation, Dr. Nguyen will talk about Bitcoin and other digital currencies; the risk and return of Bitcoin in comparison with those of more traditional investment assets such as stocks, bonds, gold, etc.; the factors that influence Bitcoin prices; and the opinion of the experts on the future of Bitcoin.