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    Women in Business: All In

    March 25, 2021@8:30 am-1:00 pm

    In partnership with Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, this year’s virtual conference will allow women to not only look within themselves and realize they have influence and are indispensable, but women will learn how to also support other women on that way to success, and discover how to be intentional and ALL IN for each other!

    Session 1: INclusive 

    Some organizations truly want to create an inclusive culture, but many leaders don’t fully understand what that entails. If you’re working on making your workplace more inclusive, you’ll want to consider these key components in leadership.
    Presented by: 
    Fasika Melaku-Peterson, Denny’s

    Session 2: INtentional

    Women often subvert or ignore their own personal needs when they go to work, therefore not feeling like what they do matters or has purpose. It’s important that work environments understand, recognize, and integrate human needs into the system. Learn how your work can be meaningful in an intentional workplace.
    Presented by: Charlene (Charlie) Blackwell-Thompson, 
    Aerospace Industry 
    Charlie is the first female in her director position in this field of exploration. 

    Session 3: INfluential

    Having influence in the workplace has clear value but gaining it can be challenging with today’s distractions.  Motivating colleagues to support your initiatives and being that woman others can look up to may seem impossible. However, this session will leave you with the confidence needed to cut through distractions and clearly focus on your influence.
    Presented by: Jenna Gibson, CBS News, New York

    Jenna Gibson is the Managing Editorial Producer for CBS News where she manages major political and foreign bookings for CBS THIS MORNING, CBS EVENING NEWS, and CBS NEWS’ special coverage.

    Session 4: INdispensable

    Take charge of who you are, what you do, and how you show up. Being indispensable isn’t necessarily about power or position but can be obtained when you help other women succeed.
    Presented by: Joy Fitzgerald, Eli Lilly & Company


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