What gaps do you see/what additional resources do you wish were available for small business owners in Abbeville County?

    “More financial and location assistance at start-up and throughout business development.”

    Money is, of course, going to come up when you ask potential and new entrepreneurs, but there are plenty of other resources that have a big impact on the long-term survival of a small business.

    Current/potential small business owners said:

    • One-on-one support
    • Hands-on mentorship
    • Professional space vs. retail
    • Networking opportunities
    • Specific data analysis for retail categories: What types of goods are missing in Abbeville?
    • Workshops/online
    • Not knowing what is available—is available data reliable and current?

    Small business providers said: 

    • Organized incubator programs
    • Grants for start-ups

    Other interested individuals said:

    • Maker space/co-work space
    • Organized mentoring like SCORE
    • We need transportation for people to get to businesses
    • Financial loans
    • Full community awareness
    • Social media
    • Not knowing exactly how to begin the process