Action Items for Educational Pathways for Adults



    “Show stats on income projections for tech school education to help overcome stigma/increase understanding.”






    Below are action items suggested in the area of educational pathways for adults:

    • Get in schools (K12) about opportunities
    • Increase partnerships with local employers (not just manufacturing)
    • Invest in nontraditional offerings—apprenticeships and online courses/ flex
    • Assigning a mentor for adult students returning to school
    • If a need is noticed for your student assign a mentor to work with the student
    • Marketing services and options to support students returning to school
    • Introduction to GED to special education students
    • Start introduction to education and industries early (Elementary)
    • Be more inclusive of students with IEP plans
    • More innovation marketing
    • Connect with other adults outside of school for opportunities
    • Brochure/ pamphlet—overview of opportunities for adults to further their education distributed to all employers, transportation, employment agencies
    • Daycare/ childcare opportunities provided to working parents
    •  Accessibility to internet
    • Show stats on income projects for tech school education to help overcome stigma/increase understanding
    • Use local high schools/middle schools/elementary schools as locations and run buses if needed for night school for adults
    • Daycare options for adult continuing their education that extends beyond regular daycare hours
    • Will allow students to continue to work, but also have daycare to attend evening classes