Action Items for Mental Health/Addiction




    “Access to individuals who have gone through and overcome the same issues.”






    Below are action items suggested in the area of mental health/addiction:

    • [Remove] stigma
    • Access to individuals who have gone through and overcome the same issues
    • Knowledge/communication about mental health/addiction
    • Increase funding for substance abuse and mental healthcare coordination
    • Crisis stabilization units
    • More education on need and services
    • Increase salary for staff for retention
    • Change mindset of people through educating the public
    • Inpatient facility in the upstate to meet addiction needs
    •  Staff member located at hospital as an immediate resource for those coming to ED with mental health and substance abuse
    • Many with substance use disorders are working—what can HR staff do to identify? They can help decrease stigma
    • More education on what resources are available
    • Student loans payback incentives for employees in the field
    • Love others campaign—showing community love to all and encouragement to those falling vs avoiding them
    • Invest to halfway houses or community support housing with education/ways to succeed.
    • Get churches to partner—most will—with funding if nothing else
    • Increased funding from legislators
    • More knowledge about opportunities in the field