What is the most effective means of communicating what services are available?

    “Community events are one component, but must ultimately come through personal networking and relationships.”

    It doesn’t matter how many resources are available if the people who need the resources don’t hear about them, or if those providing the services don’t communicate in ways that are meaningful to recipients.

    Current/potential small business owners said:

    • Receive info through email
    • Use Facebook/Instagram to convey info about store
    • Facebook/email (2 responses)
    • Direct email from single source

    Small business providers said:

    • TV commercial
    • Radio ads
    • Facebook ads
    • Eventbrite.com
    • Networking group

    Other interested individuals said:

    • Social media
    • Events in the community
    • Meetings at multiple locations and times in addition to social media
    • Small business meetings within each community
    • Need some meetings to be after hours (after 5:00 p.m.)
    • Facebook/email/Meetup
    • A centralized, easy-to-identify starting point for information inquiries
    • Newsletter
    • Facebook
    • Special interest groups
    • TV/newspaper advertising