If You Could Invest Resources in One Thing for Laurens County, What Would It Be?

    “A comprehensive and marketable planning effort to relieve some of our long-entrenched issues.”

    If you take three overlapping categories together—economy/workforce, education, and youth—nearly half of the responses about investment revolve around educating and developing a workforce, having good jobs for the people in Laurens County, and keeping the young people in the county to fill those jobs. And, of course, housing, infrastructure, and quality of life amenities will help to attract and keep people in the county.



    • A career center/ag center for our young people to create a great workforce
    • Better training for high school students and adults that results in available labor and better wages
    • Business friendly atmosphere
    • Career learning center
    • Economic development
    • Education/workforce development
    • Good jobs
    • Innovative, creative thinkers
    • More/new businesses (2 responses)
    • Recruitment of good industries
    • A trade school


    • Combined school districts
    • Education/literacy (2 responses)
    • Education to help educate people about future scholarship


    • Affordable housing
    • More housing (3 responses)
    • Real estate


    • Hwy 14—turning lane through Gray Court with planted medians
    • Public safety/roads
    • Roads
    • Utilities
    • Infrastructure for the future—the rest will follow 
    • Infrastructure (2 responses)

    Natural Resources

    • Beautification
    • Clean and inviting green spaces
    • Embrace Lake Greenwood (parks_
    • More green spaces
    • Trails/parks (2 responses)

    Quality of Life

    • Art district (interactive)
    • Brewery/brew pubs (3 responses)
    • Cultural arts center
    • More arts
    • Quality of life


    • Courthouse/square upgrades (4 responses)
    • Public transportation (2 responses)
    • Library
    • Finish Laurens County Museum


    • Future driven by investing in our children
    • Growing, developing, and keeping our youth in the county
    • Invest in our youth to create more opportunities for them
    • Invest in young adults
    • Our youth