“College and university growth will yield a much-needed qualified workforce .”


    Participants were enthusiastic about the quality of education—both public schools and higher education—in Pickens County, citing statistics to back up their enthusiasm. In the weaknesses/threats, again, housing and transportation came into play, both for college/university students and for parents of school-age children.



    Strengths and Opportunities

    • 26 AP courses offered
    • Career and tech center
    • Clemson University (2 responses)
    • Clemson, SWU and other universities (tech colleges)
    • College and university growth will yield a much needed qualified workforce
    • Excellent public school systems (2 responses)
    • Good reputation for public schools
    • Great institutions
    • Great school systems and great job with charter schools
    • Less than 2/4 year degree programs—high school trade centers
    • Need for 2nd Pickens County industrial park/ Tri-County center
    • Need to include tech colleges as well as universities in transportation planning
    • Pickens County Career and Technology Center
    • Pickens County ranked #2 out of 82 districts in overall SAT scores
    • Pickens County ranked #2 among SC districts for SAT scores 
    • Pickens County SAT scores higher than the national score and state score
    • Presence of world-class research university
    • Some of the best schools in the state
    • Strong network of public libraries for education, recreation, and jobs
    • Technical high school
    • Tri-County Tech

    Threats and Weaknesses

    • Crime rates
    • Diversity—need more opportunities (higher education)
    • Early education access
    • Lack of access for families to participate in child’s school activities if they do not have a car access outside and 8am–5pm
    • Lack of housing and mass transit
    • More and more commuters are looking for easy, inexpensive, and safe transportation options—Pickens CATbus is needed
    • More private schools needed
    • Need Clemson University at the table
    • Need for cities (Easley, Pickens, Liberty, Clemson, Six Mile)
    • Outreach programs for kindergarten readiness/low scores for kindergarten readiness testing
    • Small thinking
    • Somewhat in debt re: public schools
    • Student/resident conflicting priorities
    • Students/alumni can’t afford downtown Clemson
    • University/college growth will continue to challenge resources and take land