“Growing older populations will continue to tax the healthcare system.”


    Participants see several strengths and opportunities in healthcare in Pickens County, but there was a good bit more pink than green on that sheet, indicating weaknesses and threats present in access to and availability of healthcare.



    Strengths and Opportunities

    • Telehealth services for special services
    • Access to primary Greenville providers
    • Great healthcare facilities in Pickens County—but no transportation system (public or private)
    • Strong medical alliances, cancer centers, capabilities
    • AnMed Health Cannon has some great doctors and employees

    Threats and Weaknesses

    • Needs stronger health systems
    • Needs better access (public or private)
    • Two close hospitals but no transportation
    • Rural area
    • Public mindset being closed
    • Need to check local healthcare options–commonly a basis to refuse access
    • Transport to appointments across county lines
    • Mental health: addiction, suicide, professional counseling
    • Current need to have access to routine medical care outside of 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
    • Legisticare will not transport families to doctor visits—only the child with the appointment and one caregiver; sibling can’t go
    • Need to have car seats available or permanently installed by a certified technician (infant, toddler/young child, booster seats)
    • Lack of healthcare access in certain areas
    • Lack of unified effort for healthcare