What Is One Thing You Would Change?

    “People to recognize the great things in Union.”


    No matter how much people love the place they live, there is always room for improvement, and people in Union are aware of the challenges they face. Several of the responses to this question fell under the category of “resistance/negativity,” but there were also issues relating to services/facilities, technology/infrastructure, and other areas. As always, there is overlap, as responses touch on more than one possible category.


    Community Pride

    • Litter
    • The upkeep of storefronts and houses


    • Empty spaces in old business locations
    • Get people to work
    • More businesses downtown
    • More local businesses (2 responses)
    • More opportunity for youth
    • Need cute, small businesses downtown
    • Reverse declining population
    • Too cumbersome for downtown businesses to renovate downtown bays


    • Better public K–12
    • Greater appreciation of education
    • Schools


    • Approve Sunday alcohol sales
    • Cooperation and communication among groups of governance
    • Outdated laws on morality
    • Small town, non-progressive attitudes of leadership and citizens
    • Unite Union


    • Housing downtown
    • More home development
    • More housing: affordable rentals


    • Celebrate all cultures
    • How people treat one another

    Quality of Life

    • Lack of restaurants
    • More restaurants downtown
    • More art/culture investment
    • Quality of life: food/entertainment
    • Quality of life


    • Attitudes of some people
    • Be open to growth
    • Change negative mindset
    • Improve communication
    • Make people speak positively about community
    • People’s mindset
    • Perception
    • Push back
    • Too close minded
    • Uncomfortable with change


    • Access to shopping and dining
    • Childcare option
    • Fairforest turned back into hotel/restaurant (4 responses)
    • More activity and development for the youth
    • More missions to help those in need: Day centers for homeless, food distributors, shelters, substance abuse treatment
    • Recreation for children
    • Women’s shelter—rehabilitation


    • Downtown needs love and life
    • Infrastructure access to interstate
    • Lack of online presence


    • More parks
    • Clean up counts
    • Develop some of the proposed lake if possible
    • It’s OK