“More unified county: embrace Upstate, more community pride.”


    No matter how much people love their home town, there are always frustrations and room for improvement. This time, the top response categories were cohesion/unity/mindset and housing—the feeling that there was a lack of unity among the towns and a lack of affordable, quality housing was expressed numerous times. Other responses related to economy/workforce, education, infrastructure, quality of life, services/facilities, and youth.




    • A better job of connecting the cities, etc., within the county
    • Apathy
    • Build ownership in the community
    • Competition between cities and counties
    • Lack of curiosity to outside ideas
    • More inclusive culture
    • More unified/cohesive county (5 responses)
    • Resistance to change
    • More support
    • The anti-tax/anti-everything would help us do positive things instead of negative
    • People in need not to be seen as moral failures; need an understanding of challenges most of the community faces—no judgment


    • A tech center to create jobs for those not going to college/workforce development
    • Career center where students and adults could learn employment skills that industries need
    • Better paying jobs
    • Money to reinvest in our community
    • More growth
    • More industry
    • More jobs
    • The mill skeletons: Lydia, Clinton, etc.


    • Better education system
    • Better schools
    • Low level of education
    • Quality of education
    • School ratings


    • Better housing in medium price range (3 responses)
    • More housing options (6 responses)
    • Fewer mobile homes
    • Lack of housing/retail/restaurants (2 responses)


    • Better roads
    • Land use planning: sewer infrastructure for residential developments
    • More zoning
    • Schools and roads

    Quality of life

    • Businesses remain open beyond 10:00 p.m.
    • Culture: civic pride/clean up abandoned property/attractions (2 additional responses)
    • More parks for quality of life
    • More pedestrian focus (destination focused)
    • More planning for quality of life, development, etc.


    • Attractions
    • Better and more attractive community resources and amenities: library, public spaces, outdoor recreation opportunities
    • Larger selection of recreation, restaurants, and stores
    • More access to healthcare
    • More investment in community resources such as libraries and parks
    • More options for hotels/dining (3 responses)
    • Public transportation


    • More families 25-55
    • More youth, nightlife, and housing
    • Nothing to attract/keep younger citizens