What Message Do You Want Union County to Send?


    “We may be small, but we have big things going on!”

    Participants at the workshop had just heard a great story from Oconee County about creating a cohesive county message—both for residents of the county and for outsiders. When asked what message they wanted to send, the messages matched the aspiration of what they want Union County to be: welcoming, growing, and progressive.



    We are…

    • open for business
    • forward thinking
    • united
    • diverse
    • thriving
    • welcoming (4 responses)
    • family oriented
    • friendly
    • inclusive
    • open to opportunity
    • a progressive community
    • growing and inviting
    • the place to be!
    • a hip, fun place for people to live and work
    • a good place to work and live
    • a place to come home to for generations
    • a city that is willing to utilize our residents to produce change
    • a friendly community
    • a welcoming county that is safe and loving to families
    • a friendly community and a good place to raise a family
    • moving forward with purpose
    • able to sustain growth
    • a caring, warm community that welcomes all
    • a county that visitors will remember and look forward to revisiting or living in
    • welcoming to residents of surrounding counties

    We have:

    • good schools
    • a great downtown
    • a historic downtown center
    • good quality of life
    • gifts to share with the world

    Our message:

    • All are welcome.
    • Come live here.
    • Come live, work, and play with us.
    • Come see us (and spend your money!) (2 responses)
    • Do better.
    • Everyone is welcome here.
    • Invest in Union.
    • Let’s start to move.
    • This is a great place to work, invest, and live.
    • We all need to work together.
    • We appreciate everyone.
    • We are here and we will recover.
    • We are open and we welcome you. (2 responses)
    • We are not just ‘that’ city.
    • We care.