red reset buttonAn interesting phenomenon as we move through the second year of the pandemic is the growing number of people who have voluntarily left their jobs. In August 2021, 4.3 million people quit jobs of their own choice, with the number growing to 4.4 million in September. National media has dubbed this trend as the “Great Resignation.”

    During the recent Global Entrepreneur Week, I attended an event where one of the speakers had a very different spin on this trend. He used the term the “Great Reset” and suggested that people leaving jobs and changing careers is part of something bigger than just being unhappy with some element of a current job situation.

    For many of us, the pandemic has been an opportunity to do a self-analysis of what is important in both our personal and professional lives.

    The speaker suggested that people now leaving their jobs is part of this self-analysis and desire to find a job or career path that can create more self-fulfillment or allow for more flexibility and time to focus on other things that are important (family, health, etc.).

    He thinks many people are using this time to reset their career goals after perhaps having gotten “stuck” in a job or career different from what they had foreseen when they joined the workforce. His personal journey reflects this reset philosophy as he chose to leave a larger corporate environment to venture into the world of entrepreneurship.

    As we continue to move forward and learn more about the next career moves for the millions who are leaving jobs, it will be interesting to see how many took this opportunity to not only change jobs, but also to change career fields or to go into business for themselves.

    Dean Hybl

    Here in the Upstate, there has been a growing emphasis over the past decade on providing resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners. If there is a growing number of people looking to reset their career journey and find their own business path, continuing to increase the number of support resources while also increasing awareness of these resources will be crucial.

    Earlier this year, the Upstate Entrepreneur Ecosystem coordinated through Ten at the Top unveiled a new web portal called Start-Grow-Upstate. This online tool includes listings for resources available for small businesses and entrepreneurs across the Upstate region.

    As more people assess and reset their career journeys, tools like Start-Grow-Upstate can become valuable resources that help them thrive and succeed.

    -Dean Hybl

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