What Do You Want Union County to Be?

    “A clean, prosperous place where a child can be safe and people can be free and loved.”


    Overwhelmingly, the responses to this question had to do with quality of life: a vibrant community where people want to live and raise a family, but also someplace people want to visit—which means more restaurants and retail. A place that is welcoming to all. A growing community that is successful and prosperous. 




    • A growing community
    • A place where business, community, and recreation can flourish
    • A success—a growing place
    • Community that embraces change and is growing
    • Economically prosperous (3 responses)
    • Successful (2 responses)
    • Well visited


    • Better educated
    • Good schools
    • Thriving small college town


    • A community of leaders who help Union grow
    • A safe, well-managed, appreciative populace and government who appreciate the benefits of working together
    • A town of progression. Get out of the rut.
    • More active and involved county officials
    • Our leaders to be more proactive


    • A city that considers the needs of all that make up their city
    • A place where young people want to settle down and raise a family
    • A town welcoming to all (even those in need)
    • Diverse
    • Proud of its citizens

    Quality of Life

    • A cool town with restaurants and cool shops
    • A fun place
    • A place people want to travel to (2 responses)
    • A place where people want to live
    • A place where you can live, work, worship, and play
    • A quiet, progressive community
    • A great place to live, prosper, and raise a family
    • A thriving community with better quality of life
    • A town that draws young people to pursue careers and family life
    • A vibrant city again
    • High quality of life
    • Maintained
    • More diverse and modern
    • More restaurants
    • More vibrant city
    • Place for people to work, live, and play
    • Quaint
    • Quality food and drink
    • Quality retail
    • Safe
    • Thriving
    • Vibrant community (3 responses)
    • Vibrant community around USC-Union
    • Welcoming and safe place for everyone (3 responses


    • More like other counties