You’ve no doubt heard that employers are struggling to fill jobs. But did you know that 75% of applicants never reach a human being. For veterans and military spouses, it’s 95% that never reach a human being when applying for jobs online.

    Employers are struggling to find talent to fill jobs. According to ManpowerGroup’s 2019/2020 Talent Shortage Survey, 69 percent of U.S. employers are having difficulty filling jobs. 40% of these employers cited sourcing candidates as the biggest barrier.

    Employers know military veterans have incredible experience. However, it is still hard for a hiring manager to understand how they will get up to speed fast enough for their company. Yet military members have spent their careers going from assignment to assignment, getting up to speed, and delivering quickly. And they bring the skills associated with that experience forward.

    For small businesses, even though they are open to hiring veterans very few have the resources, time or experience to translate their skills, understand their titles or get through negative stereotypes. It takes a focused effort to find veterans with the skills industry needs, cost effectively, quickly and efficiently. Because current acquisition strategies target familiar talent pools which isn’t working, employers are missing out on hiring military talent. They need a military-focused strategy.

    But that can be a bridge too far with gaps too wide as traditional talent solutions are unable to map the skills or translate the experience and they can be costly.

    Veterans ASCEND is AI-powered talent sourcing for candidates versus applicants. Candidates who are qualified. Our algorithm is capable of identifying exact candidate matches quickly and efficiently matched by skills, location and salary to the needs of the organization. Unlimited job profiles allows candidates to match to more than one job and employers can see how they fit across the organization. The point of automation is to get to real-time conversations with real candidates for the position quickly and efficiently. That’s what Veterans ASCEND does.

    Our proprietary process is a combination of unique data sets that define the skills and algorithms that automatically align the needs of the employer to the best matched job candidate. Candidates matched on skills, location and salary requirements. Our streamlined hiring process results include reduced time to hire, lower overall recruiting costs, direct connection to untapped talent, focused skills to job alignment and better retention.

    Sourcing needs a new solution. Getting to candidates instead of wading through unqualified applicant’s is a must. Veterans ASCEND shifts the hiring paradigm. We eliminate antiquated sourcing and replace it with a web-based, skills matching technology that serves both employers and candidates. Resumes are cumbersome. Job descriptions are non-existent, outdated or simply a list of tasks to be performed, not skills needed to perform the job. Archaic processes, misuse of applicant tracking systems, ineffective job boards and job fairs cost employers hundreds of thousands each year in a perpetual cycle of sourcing, hiring, onboarding and turnover.

    With these barriers, military veterans are filtered out or underemployed. Resulting in employers missing out on great candidates who are trained to think about the mission and their role in the mission as part of a team or as an individual contributor. They are trained to be resourceful when there are only round pegs and square holes. They are trained to analyze every situation and get the job done. Veterans ASCEND is the only system that exists to highlight a veterans’ skills and competencies by expertly matching them to employers using artificial intelligence/machine learning. Veterans ASCEND bridges the gaps.

    We are changing the way employers source great talent. We are changing how veterans are connected to meaningful civilian careers. Veterans ASCEND is not another resume builder or job board. We don’t use a resume or require the candidate to apply first. We know companies need to hire for skills and quickly assess a person’s fit into their organization. Veterans ASCEND decreases time to hire by instantly identifying skills and ideal candidates in a way no other system can. Our solution is focused on directly matching skills. Our unique matching process starts with automatic translation of military occupations into a skills list and matching those skills to employers.

    We improve the quality of hire, reduce the cost per hire and remove barriers and bias through directly matched connections. We unlock the military talent pool.