Upstate Professional Planners

    To educate and convene professional planners from across the Upstate

    Upstate Professional Planners

    Ten at the Top plans to host 2-3 gatherings of the Upstate Professional Planners during   2019. Be on the lookout for upcoming meetings and workshops by visiting the events page.

      Recent Meetings & Notes:

    Shaping Our Future Continuing Education

    During 2018, Upstate Forever, Ten at the Top and the Appalachian Council of Governments hosted four training sessions for professional planners and elected officials, combining for a total attendance of over 100 individuals.

    The quarterly evening workshops provided an opportunity for planners and elected officials across the region to convene, share a meal, and learn from leading experts in their field. The workshop topics for 2018 focused on:

    Preferred Development Patterns, Who Chooses?
    The Intersection of Land Use, Communities, & Social Equity
    Exploring Transit Oriented Development
    • Exploring the “Missing Middle” Housing Shortage