As we celebrate this wonderful season of Thanksgiving, my heart runs over with memories and joy.

       It’s hard to believe that 45 years have passed since I founded Mobile Meals.  In some ways it seems like yesterday.  We deeply appreciate each person who has delivered meals or played a special role in Delivering God’s Love in Action through Mobile Meals to our meal recipients. You are each so important and I am deeply thankful for you.

       During Covid we lost 60% of our volunteer drivers and we still have serious needs for substitute drivers and folks that would take a weekly or every other weekly route.  Some became ill and can’t return and, sadly, we lost some precious lives to Covid.

       We thank all the volunteers who helped us never fail to deliver the same number of meals all through the tough Covid times (many delivering more than 1 route), when most charities had to cease their mission.

       Mobile Meal’s Board Chair, Rick Dent, shares – “The thing that impressed me the most about delivering meals was the expressed sincere appreciation by the recipients for my time and effort.  Each one was so pleased to see me at their door with their meal.”

       Those who deliver range from children with a parent or grandparent, seniors with a friend or businesses with a co-worker. Colleges, churches, banks, businesses and First Responders have the joy of delivering meals so the folks on their routes can remain in their own home.

       We ask that you please share our volunteer needs with your family, neighbors, churches and businesses.

       Our donors are needed annually as well as our volunteers.  We are not a government agency and are totally dependent upon our community to support this ministry financially and with the servant’s heart of volunteerism.

       Let me share a few verses of a wonderful poem which tells our meals story:

                                        Come live inside my old body and stare at the view

                                       distorted blurred vision may be unpleasant for you.


                                       Sure I have children why do you ask?

                                      They love me dearly they would perform any task.


                                      I don’t want to bother them they are so busy – you see.

                                      They must live their own lives I don’t want them worrying about



                                      I sit here all day in this tattered old gown

                                     Wishing I could dress up and drive into town


                                      There’s a picture of my Henry in my Mothers old trunk

                                      And boxes of good books, old magazines and junk


                                     Sometimes I forget one day from the other,

                                     And spend a lot of time talking to my dead mother.


                                     I want to go back and sit on her lap

                                    Or curl in her arms and take a long afternoon nap.


                                   Then I remember I’m not a child at all!

                                   Just a lonely old woman who stares at the wall.


                                   I’m getting cold now – where’s my blanket and scarf,

                                   Perhaps I should sit closer to the fireside’s warm hearth


                                  Should I fall asleep and my heart turns to stone,

                                  Bless those who brought a meal so I could stay in my home.


                                 Come live within my old body and see how I feel

                                 When an angel of mercy brings a home delivered meal!


    Have a blessed Thanksgiving – I pray no one will be hungry or neglected!