readySC™ is one of the nation’s premier economic development training programs.

    Since 1961, we’ve helped thousands of companies across the state start-up or expand quickly and efficiently by providing comprehensive, custom-designed workforce recruiting and training solutions. 

    Working in tandem with sixteen local technical colleges, our Apprenticeship Carolina program and our e-Zone job retraining program, we strive to take our client organizations’ workforce from initial start-up or early production to 100% proficiency.

    readySC will work with the organization through our proven 3D process, which includes:



    readySC works with the company to determine the knowledge, skills and abilities needed…and to define the culture and working environment the organization wants to create at the new facility.



    We then design training to meet those specific needs. readySC doesn’t just deliver training; we integrate the organization’s principles into every facet of the project so that the resulting recruiting and training plan is specifically customized.

    Our goal is to help companies start production with employees who are already immersed in the culture and processes. 



    readySC is completely flexible in our delivery options…Hands-on simulations of the working environment; computer-based training; workstation training; virtual recreations of the work processes; hand-held video delivery options or classroom training.

    We work with organizations to determine the right solution.


    SCTECHJOBS.COM is a recruitment service provided by readySC for our client organizations.

    This online application system provides information about all current training opportunities. 

    On average, over 40,000 online applications are taken each year through the site.


    readySC by the Numbers:


    Over 5,300 trained last fiscal year

    115 companies served last fiscal year

    Over 310,000 trained since 1961

    49% African American; 38% Caucasian; 13% Other

    37% Female; 63% Male

    36 Average Age

    12.7 Average Education