Hank McCullough colorI  could not help thinking this past weekend, in getting out myself, what an incredibly diverse and interesting collection of quality of life assets we have in the Upstate, especially within the small towns and communities that dot the Upstate.

    So what makes a place special? Is it the physical nature of a place, its history, cultural and business amenities, or people? Ultimately it is people, who by getting involved and thinking about the future of their small slice of the region, have the power to strategically preserve physical and cultural assets. Yet, more importantly the question is how do communities adapt to remain vibrant and relevant in the present and beyond? Again the answer is you and me. All communities can put money in their quality of life account by creating a safe environment where new, bold, and different ideas are welcomed and grow into a reality.

    At the core, Ten at the Top’s mission is making those connections between and within communities stronger and more productive in creating a region that is truly special. Please make time to engage as you explore!

    Hank McCullough