Young-Afro Excellence: Bringing Excellence to the Next Generation

    Young-Afro Excellence: Bringing Excellence to the Next Generation

    Young Afro-Excellence, known as Gene-Xcellence, is a 501(3) nonprofit established in 2020 by Greenville natives and college students, DeAsia Danladi and Tailor Pickens. 

    Our mission is to provide the youth, ages 12-24, the guide to reach its fullest potential through any adversity they may face.

    As an organization, our goal is to break generational curses by building economic mobility for the next generation. To reach this goal, we provide business grants, scholarships, mentorship programs and materials for success.

    Our mentorship program consists of various life-based skill classes such as career development, mental health, and financial literacy. We also conduct workshops, community outreach activities, and educational outings. Our workshops are age appropriate. In addition, individual success planning will be offered. Students ages 16 and older will receive a personalized career plan and personal budget.

    Orientation for our Lady Excellence mentorship program is on August 28th, from 3-6 PM. We advise anyone who is interested in joining our mentorship program to visit our website for more information

    We are always in need for volunteers for our mentorship program, community outreach, and annual events. If interested in becoming a volunteer, please visit

    For more information on Young Afro-Excellence, please visit our website at .