by Amy Wood, Evening Anchor, WSPA TV

    Three decades into my local news career, the coronavirus likely will be the biggest story of my lifetime.

    And it’s one that I am fully committed to delivering on all platforms.

    I Anchor for 7 News on TV weeknights at 4, 6 and 7 PM on WSPA TV channel 7.

    But, 24/7 I am turning out new webcam interviews… coordinating segments featuring viewer questions with our 7 News medical expert, running the #7Help Facebook group I started and staying in touch with community members… some of them sick with Covid… some of them sick with something else… some of them losing parents… some of them caring for a sick husband.

    It’s all consuming because it’s so important.

    From the  start we have made sure to communicate how to protect yourself. How to see doctors without leaving your home.  Because we want to walk you through these difficult times and see you on the other side of this. We want to do whatever we can to arm you with the info you need to stay safe and healthy.

    But I’ve also been equally determined to get you info that helps you cope and get through this. Thus my interviews on mental health, domestic violence, ways to entertain children, home schooling experts and more.

    I also spend time nightly on Instagram and Facebook live, just checking in. And that matters. Some of my viewers have told me I am their company…. their only visitor.

    We all have a chance right now to make a difference. To pick up the phone. To see if we can drop off something for an elderly neighbor.  That call makes someone feel a little less alone. Doing something to help will give you back a small piece of control over this unwieldy time in our lives.  Together we will get through this. Be good to each other.

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