Hank McCullough colorIn 2015 over 600 individuals, representing 372 businesses, organizations and local governments, were engaged with Ten at the Top as committee/task force members, board members and/or funding partners. I want to thank you for your commitment as one of those individuals.

    You are receiving theTATT Insider because we believe that regular, direct, and strategic communication with those who form the core of TATT efforts is crucial as we continue moving forward in our collaborative efforts to connect stakeholders from across the region while enhancing economic vitality and quality of life in the Upstate.

    This bi-weekly briefing (starting in April, it will be sent on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month) will be different from the monthly Ten at the Top
    e-newsletter that is sent to more than 8,000 people on our mailing list. The
    TATT Insider is exclusive to current task force/committee members, current and founding board members, and funding partners and will include specific insight into current initiatives and brief details on what you need to know right now.

    In addition, we are also starting a regular blog, Staying On Top, and are recruiting interested stakeholders to share your ideas and insights. There is more information on how to become involved in that effort below.

    The strides made through Ten at the Top over the last six years have been quite impressive. You have played a valuable role in helping to foster efforts that are growing capacity and collaboration across the Upstate. It is our expectation that the TATT Insider will increase your awareness of what is happening across the five driver areas and the 25 committees and work groups to help build even greater cohesiveness and collaboration in the future.

    Thanks for your continued dedication and support of Ten at the Top and the Upstate Region.


    Hank McCullough