TATT Strategic Initiative Plan

    Goal and Overview


    The goal of the Strategic Initiative Plan is to assess current initiatives to determine their sustainability going forward, and to discuss potential new initiatives.



    • Each current TATT initiative will be reviewed by representatives from the corresponding group to develop a case(s) for consideration for one or two opportunities within that initiative.


    • Chairpersons from each group will present their case(s) for consideration to the Initiative Advisory Board. This board will be made up of a diverse group of objective representatives from across the Upstate, and include members of TATT’s Board of Directors, funding partners, and community partners.


    • The Initiative Advisory board will select one or two initiatives to present to the TATT Board of Directors for approval. The approved initiatives will be the focus of TATT going forward.

    Initiative Criteria


    • Issue fits within TATT’s five driver areas:
      • Community Vibrancy
      • Economic and Entrepreneurial Vitality
      • Human Potential
      • Natural Beauty and Resources
      • Sustainable Growth
    • There is a clear regional need/challenge –short-term and/or long-term
    • Issue is a barrier to employment or economic success
    • Issue is related to current or future growth in the region
    • Issue is related to quality of life within the Upstate
    • No other organization is addressing issue from a regional standpoint
    • Issue has passionate local and/or regional champions interested in working collaboratively to lead the efforts
    • Subject expert leaders are available to work with TATT on the issue
    • Clear potential to grow individual or collective capacity
    • Clear potential to measure success
    • Initiative strengthens regional ecosystem
    • Funding (grants or contributions) is available to help support initiative
    • Promotes inclusion and equity


    Initiatives Currently Funded by TATT

    Upstate Entrepreneur Ecosystem

    Upstate Mobility Alliance

    Public Health with SC DHEC


    Initiatives Being Considered

    Air Quality/Natural Resources

    Creating a Safer Upstate


    Planners/Sustainable Growth




    TATT’s Mission

    1. Foster Collaboration & Regional Thinking
        • By building trust and opportunities for collaboration and partnerships among Upstate stakeholders
        • By leading conversations around regional issues and growing awareness of resources available across the Upstate
        • By serving as a “Regional Connector”
    1. Build Capacity Around Regional Issues
        • By working with regional stakeholders to build individual and collective capacity around strategic issues related to economic vitality and quality of life within the 10-county Upstate South Carolina Region
    1. Maintain Organization Sustainability
        • By maintaining and growing regional financial partnerships
        • By maintaining inclusive and diverse leadership that reflects the Upstate region and helps guide TATT’s mission focus and long-term sustainability