Beyond the Shield Workshop

    Use of Analytics to Drive Policing

    June 13, 2022

    The Use of Analytics to Drive Policing Workshop was held via Zoom on June 13, 2022 with presenters Dr. Lee Hunt, PhD, from the Greenville City Police Department, and Dr. Michele Covington, PhD, from the USC Upstate Crime Analysis Center (UCAC).

    Crime analysis assists in evidence-based policing, is efficient and resourceful, and ensures that decision-making is strategic and fair. Ultimately crime analysis holds accountable those who commit crime, provides assistance for victims, and enhances crime prevention.

    UCAC provides training, resources, and support; analytical expertise for law enforcement agencies; problem analysis assistance; and public training on problem-solving strategies.

    Dr. Hunt shared the Greenville Police Department’s 2021 Year-End Statistics Report to show how Greenville PD uses predictive policing with local data to analyze historical crime data, predict future crimes, and efficiently deploy law enforcement with the goal of reducing violent crime without imprisonment.

    The presentations are available here and the recording of the workshop is here.