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    Freedom Mobility Plan Presentation

    Michael Hildebrand, Executive Director, Upstate Alliance

    Matthew Rehnborg, Transit Planner, Greenlink

    Q & A

    Q: Why not evaluate every neighborhood that has an existing shape file?

    A: Greenlink has an established relationship with the Nicholtown neighborhood leadership which is active in addressing infrastructure components. Nicholtown also has a historical record of community engagement and activities. The committee wanted to use time and resources wisely to produce a successful demonstration.

    Q: Do you see using this as part of a governmental approval process for projects in new and existing neighborhoods?

    A: Hopefully in the future a system can be developed that is beneficial to municipalities and counties. The UMA’s Active and Livable Task Force is currently working on a short trip survey (two miles or less) to determine how community members they take short trips and how these trips may be improved.

    Chat comment: Proximity to schools could enhance opportunities.

    Please provide feedback on the Freedom Mobility Plan to Michael Hildebrand of the Upstate Mobility Alliance at mhildebrand@upstatemobilityalliance.org and /or Matthew Rehnborg at mrehnborg@greenvillesc.gov.

    Upstate Comprehensive Plan Review Update

    Phil Lindler, Greenwood City/County Planning Director

    Kyle Dool, Clemson intern, is working on phase two to include transportation and water/sewer services and will present final findings in early May. Please email Phil at plindler@greenwoodsc.gov or Justine Allen at jallen@tenatthetop.org with any questions about the comprehensive plan review.

    Next Meeting – March 24 on Spartanburg’s Northside Initiative

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