Greenwood County Celebrates Growing Economy

    By Adelyn Nottingham

    Located in the Upper Savannah region of Upstate South Carolina sits Greenwood, South Carolina. Greenwood is one hour south of Greenville, SC and one hour north of Augusta, GA. As our Upstate region continues to flourish economically, places like Greenwood are beginning to expand industries and jobs. These expansions affect the communities in a positive manner and create an atmosphere for continued growth in Greenwood.

    On Wednesday June 20, 2018, Monti, Inc., a leading industrial manufacturer, fabricator, and specialized processer of electrical components announced plans to expand existing Greenwood County operations. According to the SC Department of Commerce, the company projects that this $2.7 million investment is projected to create 19 new jobs. They are also adding 20,000 square feet to the existing facility, located at 104 Airport Industrial Park in Greenwood.

    Monti, Inc. produces a wide range of electrical industry components, including insulators, conductors, and steel parts. The company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and also has manufacturing facilities in Sumter, South Carolina and Riverview, Michigan.

    “We’re proud to celebrate anytime a company decides to strengthen its commitment to our state and its people. This is a milestone for Monti, Inc. and Greenwood County, and I’m excited to see such a strong partnership continue to thrive moving forward,” stated Governor Henry McMaster in a recent press release from the South Carolina Department of Commerce.

    The continued expansion of Monti, Inc. is considered a major economic win for Greenwood and our region; however, Monti, not the only company thriving and expanding in the county. Early this year, Van Dyke’s Restorers, Inc. expanded their operations, further stimulating economic growth within the county. The company is projected to create 31 new jobs over the next five years. Van Dyke’s Restorers offers a broad selection of products designed to serve everyone from the inexperienced remodeler to professional architects and woodworkers. The wide assortment of more than 70,000 items includes everything required for a Victorian, midcentury, traditional, or transitional home restoration (SC Dept. of Commerce, 2018).

    Greenwood County Council Chairman Steve Brown made the following comments about the expansion in a SC Dept. of Commerce news article this past February:

    “Greenwood County is excited to see Van Dyke’s Restorers, Inc. expand as they make this new investment and create jobs within our community. Their strong product offerings continue to grow, which is great news for our county and our state.”

    The expansion of both Monti. Inc. and Van Dyke’s Restorer’s Inc. demonstrates that Greenwood is becoming a major player in the production industry. This economic climate has attracted new industries to the area and led to even more economic growth. Teijin Limited celebrated the ground breaking of their new carbon-fiber production facility of its wholly owned subsidiary Teijin Carbon Fibers, Inc., located on highway 246 South in Greenwood in the beginning of June 2018.

    The TCF facility is expected to create around 220 jobs with $600 million worth of investment around the year 2030. This is noted to be the largest initial capital investment that the company has ever created in Greenwood (Partnership Alliance Greenwood, 2018).

    So what does industry expansion and industry creation mean for Greenwood? It means that the overall quality of life will improve for those residing in the county. These expansions lead to more opportunities for community members and set the stage for Greenwood to be an ideal destination to live and flourish. Greenwood is working actively to diversify its economy and become a place where all community members have equal opportunities at achieving success. 

    Along with expanding industries and job creation, Greenwood is also home to many community assets, including:


    These community assets help encourage existing and new industries to view the county as a place where employees can thrive throughout their lifetime. As industries expand and new job are created, these community assets will play an important role on the success of the economy. All in all, Greenwood is becoming a great place to live, work, and play.



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