Dr. Saria Saccocio, Ambulatory Chief Medical Officer, Prisma Health

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    Q: Is the 90-day safe zone after full vaccination likely to change as more data is available?

    Prisma will pay close attention to as data becomes available. There will probably be a respiratory “season” when people get a flu and COVID booster.

    Q: What is the outlook for booster needs for those that had the Pfizer vaccine?

    Booster shots will hopefully be needed annually. With the flu, the more boosters received, the less likelihood there is of severe reaction. Note – studies are showing that the booster would not have to be the same brand as the initial shot(s).

    Q: Does Prisma or DHEC track the volume of low-income SC residents who are receiving the vaccine?

    Prisma is looking at parity and socio-economic status, although it must be collected by inference rather than direct data collection.

    Q: Also, will we get a MyChart reminder if booster is needed?


    Q: Is there an expectation in the medical/scientific community that the mRNA vaccines will be more long lasting?

    Hopefully, after side-by-side comparisons of efficacy rates.

    Q: How will monoclonal antibody treatment be billed?

    Fortunately, right now treatments are being paid for by the government, but soon they will be passed through to insurance companies. Prisma is concerned with access and equitable car and will continue to serve with compassion.

    Q: Any update on international Covid response?

    Europe locking down again.  Canada still limiting travel. This is up to the federal government with some counties currently restricted on inbound U.S. travel. Due to variants, the best solution is continue to practice masking, social distancing, and getting vaccinated to reach herd immunity which is 70% of the population vaccinated.

    Ten at the Top Updates

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    County Updates Anderson County update: Stephan Jones, AnMed Health

    • Since the first vaccine was given in December 2020 to first responders and Phase 1a, almost 35,000 doses have been given in Anderson County in conjunction with many other organizations, healthcare services, colleges, medical centers, etc.
    • January was the first community vaccine at the Anderson County Civic Center (we have used that space since). DHEC has a clinic there on some days of the week, on the other days AnMed provides appointment-based vaccines through MyChart and by phone at 864-512-2897.
    • Looking at pop-up clinics and how we can continue to support DHEC.
    • Requesting the J&J vaccine that only requires one shot dose to reach hard to reach areas.

    Spartanburg County update: Abby Russell, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

    • SRHS serves Spartanburg County and some parts of Union and Cherokee Counties.
    • Over 46K vaccines given.
    • Community vaccine clinic started in January.
    • Up to almost 900 vaccines daily.
    • We are working hard to get everyone vaccinated.
    • We have seen a huge decline of COVID, but we do have concerns about a new spike with Spring Break and Easter coming up.
    • Around 50 inpatients which is a huge decrease from January’s 260.
    • Moving some of the testing into immediate care centers (urgent care) in our area.
    • We encourage everyone to get vaccinated but still wear masks and social distance; there have been some positive cases from vaccinated people.