by Dean Hybl, TATT Executive Director

    At our 10th anniversary luncheon in November, I proposed that as TATT moves into our second decade, we need to enhance our approach to collaboration and growing the collective capacity in the Upstate by not only convening, connecting and incubating, but also by starting to “ignite” projects that have the potential to positively impact economic vitality and quality of life in the Upstate region.

    As an example of that enhanced philosophy, we announced the creation of the Upstate Mobility Alliance along with an $825,000 grant from the Michelin Corporate Foundation to support mobility in the Upstate.

    Because Ten at the Top is a long-term strategic regional capacity builder and not an immediate programmatic service provider, once an actionable plan has been incubated through TATT’s collaborative process, a subject-specific partner must be found to lead and fund long-term implementation. This often results in a delay as projects attempt to move from incubation to action while resources are identified.

    To help combat that challenge, we are creating an “Ignition Fund” that will allow TATT to help jump start an effort and showcase it for future funding and partners. The ignition process will ultimately be faster, more efficient, and more impactful.

    The fund will be controlled by a committee of the TATT Board of Directors, who, in consultation with organization staff, will have the discretion to provide funds to projects that have gone through TATT’s collaborative process and are at a stage where they are in need of funds to advance. The funding allotments will be determined based on project needs, anticipated impacts, and long-term ownership plans.

    The goal for the dedicated fund is to raise $300,000 over three years ($100,000 per year) above TATT’s general operating budget. I am pleased to announce that we have kicked off the fund with a generous $10,000 contribution and are excited about this new opportunity to impact economic vitality and quality of life in the Upstate.

    If you would like to learn more about helping TATT ignite the Upstate please click here or feel free to contact Dean directly to set up a time to get together.