Nearly 60,000 residents in Greenville County residents are Hispanic or Latino, and in the ten  counties of Upstate South Carolina, over 100,000 individuals identified as either Hispanic or Latino, according to the 2020 US Census. And these numbers are growing! South Carolina is experiencing an exciting period of growth in the Hispanic Community, and the Hispanic Alliance strives to make the Upstate of South Carolina an inclusive community where diversity is celebrated and Hispanic families from many nationalities can thrive, share their culture, and actively elevate the community.

    The Hispanic Alliance exists to build bridges toward a better future for everyone in our community. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Hispanic Alliance fosters collaboration and connectivity among people, resources, and cultures to build thriving communities. Started as a grassroots effort of local Hispanic residents in 2005, the Hispanic Alliance (HA) continues to grow and serve the Hispanic citizens of the Upstate with a network of partner agencies, school systems, government organizations, and local businesses united by a common purpose – to give all individuals access to the American Dream.  

    Community Teams Meetings

    The Hispanic Alliance ensures that the Hispanic and Latino community has equitable access to the best resources in the areas of health, education, financial stability, and legal services. In these Four Community Teams, multicultural grassroots volunteers help individuals overcome barriers to vital resources that address the language and cultural needs of our local community. They identify the gaps between needs and resources, avoid duplication of services and build collective capacity to serve the community. These are spaces of inspiration, innovation, and support. If you possess compassionate care for the lives in your proximity, learn how our community teams can magnify your efforts and make a greater difference. More information about community teams meetings can be found at:

    The HA Network

    Before the Hispanic Alliance was a non-profit organization, it was born as a network of people within and around the Hispanic community with a desire to nurture and protect its members. After more than a decade of evolution, the Hispanic Alliance continues to focus on serving the most vulnerable citizens, nurturing each other, and extending welcome to the entire Upstate community. The HA Network is over 3,000 members strong, but it is also a family. Connect with the HA Network on the 2nd Wednesday of every month to share resources, get connected, and serve your community. To join the HA Network, please visit:

    Student DREAMers Alliance Leadership Accelerator

    The Student DREAMers Alliance (SDA) is an award-winning leadership development program created to empower Hispanic high school students while offering support and guidance as they transition from high school to college and career. Most are the first generation in their families to pursue a college degree. In 2018, Student DREAMers Alliance was one of only six organizations globally to receive the McNulty Catalyst Fund award from the Aspen Institute. The SDA program is designed to empower and magnify the voices of DREAMers, to increase awareness of education inequity, and to advocate for changes in state legislation to achieve equal access to public, post-secondary education for all youth. SDA is the first strategy towards achieving the broader goal of addressing a critical need for diverse leadership that can champion and accelerate access to opportunities for the growing Hispanic population in South Carolina.

    Hispanic Heritage Month

    Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the myriad of cultures within Latin and Spanish-speaking countries and the contributions of those peoples to our community. The United States has the second-largest Spanish-speaking population of any country in the world, smaller only than Mexico. Every year, National Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) is observed by Americans across the United States, and between September 15 and October 15, the Hispanic Alliance facilitates a multicultural celebration across the Upstate. More information and a calendar of events will be made available soon! Be sure to check out for more information!