Hank-McCullough-colorBy: Hank McCullough

    I have been giving a bit of thought to my connections across the Upstate. Through our work, family activities, kids activities, and spiritual life it is easy to see that there are many venues in which to share our ideas, thoughts, and concerns about our world.

    Through those interactions we find commonality and differences that have potential to benefit out larger community. Still I question whether we are involving the right people in our work toward a stronger, more prosperous region if we don’t move beyond the polarization and like growing counter productive like mindedness that greets us throughout the day in the latest blog or social media post.

    It is natural for us to operate within our own reality and comfort zone and I am certainly guilty of gravitating toward narrow mindedness at times.

    So I challenge you to think about making a connection outside the stream of your daily routine that is foreign and perhaps uncomfortable. In being inquisitive and vulnerable we broaden our perspective and our opportunity to positively impact the Upstate region.


    Hank McCullough