Hank McCullough colorInnovation is Alive in Smaller Upstate Communities.

    With innovation and entrepreneurialism being choice words in context of building a complimentary home grown economy in the Upstate these days, one could be led to believe that efforts in this regard are mainly centered in our larger populations centers. Access to start-up capital and supporting  infrastructure are certainly more available in a progressive metropolitan setting, however I was pleasantly surprised this past week to see that small cities and towns in the region are creating and pushing boundaries as well.

    Our Reconnect event in Due West and the TATT Bus Tour through Pickens County highlighted that creativity knows no geographic or cultural boundaries. Community leaders in public and private sectors are critical in creating a culture and support network that fosters transformational thinking and questions the status quo. Regardless of size, towns and communities that innovate will be more relevant and more sustainable individually and as contributors to the overall economic health of the region.

     Innovation elevates the Upstate!
    Hank McCullough