Sneak Pique Recap

    Pique rescheduled tentatively for Fall 2021

    Welcome special guests from Converse College – Professor John Jeter’s “Build your brand” class

    Creating a Safer Upstate Initiative – Stinson Ferguson introduced the initiative and invited interested parties to contact Justine Allen for more information.

    Networking in a Digital Age presentation

    Please see the chat stream and additional resources below:

    From John Jeter to Everyone: My emails are and If y’all would be willing to share your emails, that would be cool.

    From Jessica Miserendino to Everyone: Great Info Abby! When we host our in-person Pique, we plan to have a headshot booth set up to help enhance your LinkedIn profile!

    From Sarah Butler to Everyone: If there are any USC Upstate Alumni in the house, here is how to get involved with Alumni Relations:

    From Sarah Butler to Everyone: Each college and university in Spartanburg has a Handshake account:

    From John Jeter to Everyone: Career Services and Development on campus would be your “HR office.”

    From Jordan Christian to Everyone: For my fellow Tigers:

    From Dean Hybl to Everyone: As a supervisor, I think an employee has to be careful not to be so focused on creating their own personal brand that they seem less interested in supporting the work of the organization. I like the comment about personal reputation more than a personal brand.

    From Sarah Butler to Everyone: Career Services at colleges and universities in Spartanburg:

    Converse College –

    Spartanburg Community College –

    Spartanburg Methodist College –

    USC Upstate –

    Wofford College –

    From Dean Hybl to Everyone: Great points about relationship building. That can be critical in helping build your knowledge base and network.

    From Sarah Butler to Everyone: Abby and Joey– I know you do heavy recruiting for ScanSource specifically, but how much have you reached out to job seekers using LinkedIn? What are things you like to see and what are things you could stand to never see again?

    From Justine Allen-Ten at the Top to Everyone: Sometimes I pick up the phone instead of emailing, thoughts?

    From Evan Carr to Everyone: Justine, I agree and do the same thing – for me it depends on timing and the content of my questions and requests. Sometimes also depends on how well I know that person and their preferences.

    From John Jeter to Everyone: Making calls. Yes!

    From Sarah Butler to Everyone: I can confirm and testify about the ScanSource Opportunities. There have been NUMEROUS times when my students have wanted to learn more about the company and the opportunities there. Abby, Joey, and their entire HR team have been extremely helpful in making those connections. I’ve had the same experience with a number of our upstate region companies. It just takes a call or email! They are very helpful and responsive.:)

    From Jason Weidman to Everyone: Absolutely, Justine! I totally agree picking up the phone is the way to go. Quicker connections and results.

    From Stinson Ferguson to Everyone: Avoid typos on your profile AND in your posts!From John Jeter to Everyone: What about adding blogs/stories on your LinkedIn site?

    From Evan Carr to Everyone: And Volunteer work (aside from Boards/Committees)?

    From John Jeter to Everyone: Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Ryan Gravely to Everyone: It’s been super informative! Thank you

    From Brittney Scurry to Everyone: lunchclub


    Upcoming Event and Resource Links:

    Ten at the Top

    Upstate Entrepreneur Ecosystem Workshop

    Second Draw PPP – Feb. 4

    10:58:24 From Justine Allen-Ten at the Top to Everyone: TATT Chat – Feb. 18

    Upstate Mobility Alliance

    How Transportation Creates Community Vibrancy – Feb. 23

    Upstate Professional Planners

    Greenlink Presentation on Mobility – Feb. 24

    Britton Rodgers: If you are in Anderson I would love to give you information on our Young Philanthropist Program!

    Brittney Scurry: LunchClub is a great way to network with people all over the country

    Sarah Butler: Spartanburg Young Professionals (SYP)

    Jessica Miserendino: If anyone is interested in joining the Pique planning committee, please reach out to Justine! We are looking for new members and would appreciate any input or feedback!

    Natalie Jones: Anderson Rising, the premier Young Professionals group in Anderson County, has many exciting events coming up including Networking Lunches (virtual, of course), after hours, and professional development events. I am happy to answer any questions –

    Jordan Campbell: If anyone in here is located in the Clemson Area, the Clemson Chamber is working to start a new Young Professionals group. If you are interested in the program and would like to be a part of the planning committee, please shoot me an email at so that I can get you some information!

    Emelie Hegarty: My email address is if anyone is interested in more information on learning about how to turn an idea into a business; start-ups hiring in the Upstate; etc.

    Britton Rodgers: Here is a little more info: I am happy to talk with you all further. I hope you will join us at United Way! As a Young Philanthropist, you can look forward to:

    Serving our community through regular volunteer opportunities. Connecting with like-minded peers to expand your network and give back to our community.

    Learning about our area’s most pressing challenges and the ways in which you can help address them through philanthropy and service. Developing your professional skills through regular development opportunities.