Mayors Panel

    Mayor Brandy Amidon, Travelers Rest, since January 2018, first female, youngest mayor in TR’s history

    Mayor Terence Roberts, Anderson, since July 2006

    Mayor Brandon Smith, Greenwood, since November 2018

    Moderators: Jason Weidman and Sarah Butler


    Differences between corporate and civic leadership

    • Government moves more slowly and projects take time with many people and processes involved
    • One must get buy-in from elected officials and whole community
    • Diversity in populations, demographics, generations, all input is good input
    • Similarities include people looking to you to set the vision and tone and change can be difficult

    Leadership styles

    • It’s all about balance and there are not many “off the clock” moments
    • Try to lead from 30K view and not micromanage
    • Incorporate your own talents and skills into your role (if you play an instrument, play at an event)
    • Actively participate
    • Listen to mentors
    • Keep learning
    • Lead with warmth and strength and establish relationships with council member and constituents

    Dos and Don’ts

    • Don’t point finger and accept responsibility when things go wrong
    • Involve others in the decision making process
    • Show strength in bringing council together
    • Listen to community and council members
    • Try to find common ground
    • Don’t micromanage
    • Don’t try to be everywhere all the time
    • Delegate event attendance
    • Don’t read social media comments
    • Read social media comments, but don’t engage, use a different avenue to reach out to those with concerns
    • Listen to feedback, set goals, move forward

    Suggestions for young professionals to get involved in their local communities, run for office, or be an involved citizen

    • Get to the table to make change and help your community move forward
    • Show up, listen, determine the best way to use your own skills and talents to contribute
    • Attend council meetings

    Motivating Council Members

    • Mayor’s job is to motivate their councils
    • Keep the group cohesive with a common vision
    • Agreement is not necessary, but move on when consensus reached and publicly support the decision
    • Get to know your team and develop unique relationships with each person
    • Practice de-escalation skills
    • Don’t take disagreements personally, more gets accomplished
    • It doesn’t matter who gets credit
    • Communicate mayor’s role as face of the city
    • Dissent is productive

    Myths/Assumptions about Mayor Role

    • Mayors control all things, the HOA, school board, holiday dates
    • There is more mundane work (trash) vs. glamorous work
    • Much time is spent helping people figure out where they can find help