Terence Roberts, TATT Chairman

    GSP International Airport Update

    Scott Carr, GSP International Airport

    Click here for the presentation. Click here for the video recap.

    Links to Terminal Building Expansion videos: 


    • Are there plans to rename the expanding airport? – There has been no discussion of name change from what it is today.
    • It seems like the airport is at 80% of capacity compared to pre-COVID – how does that compare to national average?  – GSP is right where they need to be compared to the national average and other small regional airports.

    Resource Update

    Michael Brown, Sustaining Way – Sustaining Way is a community-based non-profit that uses education and collaboration to keep communities affordable, care for the environment, and care for its people. Seek to come into a community, based on invite, locate a property to bolster and create a living-learning opportunity in the neighborhood. Areas of Sustainability: food and landscape, energy and energy efficiency, consumption and waste, healthy lifestyles, environmental sustainability, and social sustainability.

    Steve Mims, Alston Wilkes Society – AWS is in Columbia, SC based organization with a footprint around the state that covers youth homes, transitional houses, and re-entry programs that connect veterans to affordable and sustained housing. Case managers work with these veterans to secure employment, staying connected to VA services, and avoid isolation while maintaining strong relationships to meet veterans’ needs.


                           Terence Roberts, TATT Chairman