Scott Carr, VP, Commercial Business & Communications, GSP Airport District

    Welcome Terence Roberts, TATT Chairman

    Mayor Roberts spoke about the initial Creating a Safer Upstate Discovery meetings, and the action items forthcoming.

    Guest Presentation Scott Carr, Vice President, Commercial Business & Communications, GSP International Airport

    Scott discussed GSP’s response to COVID-19, a passenger activity update, and how GSP is preparing for recovery. You can see his presentation here.

    TATT Updates Dean Hybl, TATT Executive Director

    Dean introduced the Creating Upstate Unsung Heroes Virtual Event on November 18. Register and nominate your Unsung Hero here.

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    Anderson (David McCuen, City of Anderson)

    Anderson Strong Promise campaign: worked with hospitals and community to start a campaign to roll out by Fourth of July with broadcast on 19 TV stations, billboards, local radio, over 1,000,000 impressions, included mask blitz, added flu shots and census sign ups

    Economic development is accelerating with new hotel completion date 2021 with 87 rooms, conference room space, main street retail space, pocket park and commercial space for grill and bar

    Working with developer on the north side and with Council’s support creating a public plaza and street scape to include hotels, downtown living, attractions to bring people downtown including retail, such as groups of breweries

    Housing growth is still going very strong

    Greenwood (Kelly McWhorter, Discover Greenwood)

    Hosted southern regional water ski championships, Jr Golf Assoc event with 78 golfers from over 14 states/5 countries Hoping to host the Crappy USA Fishing Tournament to bring us fisherman, hotel rooms, etc.

    New campaign called “Boost Greenwood” to improve public safety, increase neighborhood vibrancy, quality of life

    Over $150k in small business funding received from city/state Local children’s home decorating downtown for the holidays

    Greenville (Sharon Self, Greer Development Corporation)

    Downtown construction complete with Hampton Inn Hotel, parking deck, and mixed-use development is in the works with housing, retail, brewery

    Lost two small businesses, but gained eight, including one that closed and came back.

    Much business growth despite COVID Trade Street closed on Friday nights for restaurant seating

    Laurens (Councilman Brown Patterson, Laurens County)

    Secured two grants near two million dollars for lighting/improvements to Laurens Airport

    Two new businesses, and two expansions (over $50 million) 500 acre/3 million square foot industrial park under construction with first buildings done 934 initial unemployment claims, down to 48 now

    All manufacturers back to pre-COVID staffing levels 3,000 residential lots in development Inside the city, parking upgrades, and 3 historic buildings on the square in restoration

    City of Clinton broke ground yesterday on sports complex: amphitheater, trails, bike trails, baseball fields

    Oconee (Morgan Holcomb, Oconee Economic Alliance)

    Economic development busier than ever with new director they have dealt with pandemic, tornado but things improving

    Clean up last week for one of hardest hit areas

    COVID levels have been pretty low

    Quality of life side good with much boat buying

    Lots of economic development leads