TATT Chat Recap | June 10, 2021 

    Special Guest Speaker

    William Timmons, U.S. Congressman

    Please watch the full conversation here.



    Upstate Initiative Update

    Dean Hybl, Ten at the Top

    Join us for the launch of Start-Grow Upstate – a resource navigator for entrepreneurs and small business owners. We are hosting a workshop June 16th at 3:30pm; register here.

    See TATT’s event page for more information and registration links for TATT Reconnects and Brews, Blues & BBQ

    Join us for the next TATT CHAT on June 24 at 3pm: Events are Back! Guest Speaker: Beth Paul, General Manager of Bon Secours Wellness Arena

    Resource Update

    Julie Capaldi, President, United Way of Pickens County

    Camp iROCK

    • The goal is for 70% of 3rd graders to read at their level but after making headway, after COVID they are back where they started
    • 113 students in virtual last year
    • Between 345 and 350 students now
    • Need YMCA counselors and more children than usual with younger children and also children with social issues due to pandemic
    • More counselors being hired to assist children with fear and loss

    Dana McConnell, Executive Director, Center for Developmental Services (CDS)

    • 8K children each year with developmental disabilities (1 in 5 individuals has a disability)
    • 80% of thier clients are children under 12 so focus is on strong early intervention including assistance with hearing aids, psychology, etc.
    • They work on independent living, entering the workforce, and assist with finding day/residential services for with children with many disabilities, some including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome
    • CDS collaborates with many other providers
    • Cdservices.org too volunteer or donate
    • Sept 30th Breakfast event (fundraiser)