Ten at the Top (TATT) has hired Kyle Dool, a second year graduate student in the City & Regional Planning program at Clemson University, to review and update the Upstate Comprehensive Plan Analysis originally completed in 2015 in support of TATT’s Upstate Professional Planners work group.

    As many counties have revised, updated, or rewritten their comprehensive plans over the last five years, this project will update the work from the previous comprehensive plan review, identify new commonalities between the plans, and connect these ideas with current programs being developed within Upstate South Carolina. There also will be an increased look at the connection between land use and transportation.

    Dool will review each county’s comprehensive plan, identify common themes, provide key takeaways and identify the top three long-range plan priorities for each local government. Though they were not included in the 2015 analysis, Ten at the Top also will be looking at select city plans for this review.

    Phil Lindler, Greenwood City/County Planning Director and co-chair of the Upstate Professional Planners group, says, “We are pleased to have Kyle Dool working with us. This project will draw on a number of planning areas that he has direct experience with—land use development, transportation, economics, and natural resources. We are excited to see the results of his work as we once again compare and contrast the land use objectives of the region.”

    The project is structured so that there will be deliverables throughout both the fall and spring semester. In addition, there will be a project steering committee, co-chaired by Lindler and Michael Forman from GSP International Airport, that includes public and private planners from across the region. The steering committee will support Dool over the year by providing technical expertise and information.

    The results from the Comprehensive Plan Update will be shared with local governments, Upstate planners and the general public at various points throughout the year.