Written by Perry Henderson, VP of Sales & Marketing at Anderson Dahlen, Inc.

    Our family, like so many, has experienced the pain and struggle that comes when a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This terrible reality hits nearly every family at some point.  Whether you are the one with it, caring for a loved one who has it, or dealing with it in a less direct way… it’s a unrelenting enemy that takes away our minds, our time, and our health.  Which is why our family remains committed to raising awareness and funding to help those struggling against this disease, or caring for someone they love who is in the fight.  And we will continue supporting this cause until we have a cure!

    And until we have that cure, we walk…

    The Alzheimer’s Association works on many fronts, with dedicated individuals and teams working to fight for a cure, and to help individuals and caregivers.  WALK To End Alzheimer’s is where my family, in particular my mom and her sisters (The Campbell Kids), began getting involved.  In her own words, this is why she walks:

    As you know, Alzheimer’s took my brother, Carroll, from us at a very early time in life. He was only in his late 50’s when he began to show signs and died 5 years after his diagnosis. He didn’t have a fighting chance! There are no survivors of Alzheimer’s ……not yet! We are walking to change that! With advanced research, our dreams can and will come true….an end to Alzheimer’s!

    There are now many, many walk events all over the country being organized and promoted through the efforts of caring individuals and amazing communities.  My community includes some amazing people at Riverside Tennis Club in Greer where we were able to be a sponsor at their recent tournament.  The owners, Alison and Ray Frazier, have been extremely supportive, and so many of the members have generously donated as well as registered to walk.

    I recall Greenville’s initial Walk being a small group of “walkers” at Rolling Green Village, and I had pulled my oldest boys in a wagon.  They are now 19 and 20 years of age.  Like them, the events have grown.  Greenville’s walk is now dozens of teams and thousands of individuals.  It’s hosted at the Greenville Drive stadium and the route is through downtown.  It’s a great way to raise awareness in our great town… and it’s a great way for people struggling with the disease or the difficulties of caring someone who is, often in isolation, to realize there is a loving and caring community around them.

    Sometimes I think that the most important thing for the caregivers is for them to realize the love and support that others offer them.  They are not alone in this fight and their loved ones are honored and celebrated through this WALK annually.

    If you would like to join us in this fight, please consider giving to and participating in the Walk To End Alzheimer’s in Greenville on Saturday, October 2.  The Campbell Kids will be walking in honor of our family members and friends impacted by Alzheimer’s.  We’d love for you to join us.

    Please click here for info on donating + participating:

    2021 Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Greenville, SC: Campbell Kids | Walk to End Alzheimer’s