TATT Chat Recap – GSP International Airport Update

    TATT Chat Recap – GSP International Airport Update


                         Terence Roberts, TATT Chairman

    GSP International Airport Update

    Scott Carr, GSP International Airport

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    Links to Terminal Building Expansion videos: 


    • Are there plans to rename the expanding airport? – There has been no discussion of name change from what it is today.
    • It seems like the airport is at 80% of capacity compared to pre-COVID – how does that compare to national average?  – GSP is right where they need to be compared to the national average and other small regional airports.

    Resource Update

    Michael Brown, Sustaining Way – Sustaining Way is a community-based non-profit that uses education and collaboration to keep communities affordable, care for the environment, and care for its people. Seek to come into a community, based on invite, locate a property to bolster and create a living-learning opportunity in the neighborhood. Areas of Sustainability: food and landscape, energy and energy efficiency, consumption and waste, healthy lifestyles, environmental sustainability, and social sustainability.

    Steve Mims, Alston Wilkes Society – AWS is in Columbia, SC based organization with a footprint around the state that covers youth homes, transitional houses, and re-entry programs that connect veterans to affordable and sustained housing. Case managers work with these veterans to secure employment, staying connected to VA services, and avoid isolation while maintaining strong relationships to meet veterans’ needs.


                           Terence Roberts, TATT Chairman

    Creating a Safer Upstate Beyond the Shield Workshop #3 – Law Enforcement Recruitment, Retention, and Training

    Creating a Safer Upstate Beyond the Shield Workshop #3 – Law Enforcement Recruitment, Retention, and Training

    Creating a Safer Upstate

    November 2, 2021

    Watch a video of the presentation here.


    Chief Matt Hamby, City of Greer

    Chief TJ Chaudoin, City of Greenwood (c:864-992-7304)

    Chief Howie Thompson, City of Greenville

    Community Leaders

    Dr. Toney Parks, Senior Pastor at Mt. Sinai Baptist, and Chaplain to Greenville City Police

    Mayor Terence Roberts, Mayor of Anderson, and Board of Directors Chair of TATT

    Keishe Nelson, Credit Manager at Michelin Community Volunteer

    Challenges to Hiring, Recruiting, Training

    Chief Chaudoin


    • Relying more on communities
    • Focus on minorities
    • It’s a competitive market
    • Develop open dialogue with council persons in each zone
    • Reduce turnover
    • The hiring process takes six months, including:
      • First application
      • Panel interview
      • Psychological evaluation
      • Nelson Denney Test
      • Polygraph
      • Physical
      • Conditional offer
      • Academy
      • PTO training program for 7-8 months

    How have they been recruiting

    • Minority campaigns partnered with Army, Army PAYS program, first black female applicant currently in process, veterans to top of pool
    • Hiring workshops at convention center, with physical agility test
    • Hosted African American men ___org) at range
    • Yard signs in neighborhoods
    • Find Value Be Valued campaign, hired eight with previous experience

    Chief Thompson

    Some of the minimum standards set by state law (an average of 6% of applications received are eligible):

    • At least 21 years old
    • Citizen
    • High School Diploma or equivalent
    • SC driver’s license
    • No driver’s license suspensions
    • No felonies, crimes of moral turpitude
    • Good credit history

    Chief Hamby

    Studies show that 29% of officers leave within first year of being hired nationally. An additional 40% leave the professional within 5 years. 8-20% stay to reach retirement. According to the SC Academy, in five years, 50% of the class is no longer in law enforcement after graduation.

    Creativity is required in retention. Opportunities in Greer are available to:

    • Work toward being detective
    • Become a school resource officer
    • Work toward the K-9 Team or drone team
    • Participate in cross-training,
    • Receive private vendor training
    • Play a role in future planning and be part of a team


    • Greer offers a cash incentive to current officers to recruit – $500 for new hire plus $500 at end of probation period
    • College kids from Citizen’s Academy, from Greenville Tech, North Greenville University, Bob Jones, Anderson, and Furman
      • Develop relationships early, tour, take to lunch, ride alongs

    Community Leader Q&A

    Pastor Parks

    What is the plan to encourage Latinx population?

    Chief Chaudoin

    Become actively involved in the community to build relationships for the future

    Chief Thompson

    Largest growing population in Greenville

    Partnered with Hispanic Alliance job fairs

    Aside-15% of the department is female

    Chief Hamby

    Focusing on all minorities and getting them to apply

    Mayor Roberts

    How can elected officials help with recruiting and retention?

    Chief Chaudoin

    Bring elected officials along into communities

    Focusing on recruiting next generation of hires

    Chief Hamby

    Provide leads of interested parties

    Chief Thompson

    Invite us to speak even to events you might not think are related

    Keishe Nelson

    What training has been implemented to counter tragedies?

    Chief Chaudoin

    Outside agency oversight through national accreditation

    Increase training budget

    Specialize in communication and de-escalation

    Chief Thompson

    Review policies to ensure up to date

    Repetitive training on simulators

    Biased based training

    Chief Hamby

    Emotional intelligence training – entire staff

    Crisis interventional training by NAMI

    What has been learned from open dialogue in communities?

    Chief Chaudoin

    Everyone learns about each other; community understands force, office understands     community concerns

    Chief Thompson

    New NET Team (neighborhood engagement team)

    Goal – promote safety, prevent crime, enhance quality of life, neighborhood led

    Chief Hamby

    Every department relies of community support

    With removing someone’s freedom comes heavy responsibility, so a high level of trust   must be obtained by getting to know each other outside “business” dealings

    Builds trust and understanding

    Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) Update

    Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) Update

    Scott Carr, Vice President-Commercial Business & Communications, Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District

    As we approach the end of 2021, we can look back on a very busy year for the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport. Despite the economic turmoil generated by the pandemic, your hometown airport has added new air service, further developed our air cargo capabilities, added new amenities, and invested millions of dollars in our facilities to better serve the community.

    On November 17, 2021, Contour Airlines will begin new nonstop service to Nashville, TN. This is the second new airline and the fourth new nonstop destination introduced at GSP in 2021. At the same time, airlines have restored service to all routes that were temporarily suspended due to the pandemic. This brings nonstop service to a total of 22 destinations, the most ever in the airport’s history.

    To accommodate returning passengers, we have re-opened restaurants and retail stores in the terminal building. The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck, Chick-fil-A, Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Flatwood Grill, Hudson News, the Escape Lounge, and Palmetto Distillery are now open for business. In addition, we have introduced QDOBA Mexican Eats to the Upstate. This new restaurant concept provides another fresh and trendy dining option in our Grand Hall.

    We also recently introduced two Escape Pods on each of our passenger concourses. Escape Pods are private workspaces offering Wi-Fi, video conferencing, and a quiet place for travelers to conduct business. In 2022, we hope to introduce another exciting shopping and dining concept in our Grand Hall. Stay tuned for that upcoming announcement!

    While passenger numbers have been reduced during the pandemic, we are experiencing a significant increase in cargo activity, particularly to and from international destinations. In 2021, cargo activity at GSP has increased by 56%, setting a record for cargo tonnage at the airport. In fact, GSP now ranks #20 in the U.S. in terms of international freight and accounts for $4.37 billion in trade value. As supply chains continue to be stressed, airlines are finding GSP to be a convenient alternative to other airports in the U.S. We expect this increase in cargo activity to continue well into 2022.

    To ensure that the airport remained positioned to serve the region’s needs once air travel demand returned, work has continued on several significant capital improvement projects. In August 2021, we completed work on improvements to the airport entrance road and construction of a new 1,500-space economy parking lot. A project to upgrade roadway directional signage is now underway and should be completed by the end of the year.

    In November 2021, we will bring back shuttle service between the terminal and our economy parking lots. This service was suspended when passenger traffic declined in 2020.

    In addition, we recently launched a new program to allow travelers to pre-book airport parking on the GSP website. This program provides customers with discounts on parking, rewards points, and is a way to guarantee a parking space in the lot of their choice. Travelers can also earn free parking at GSP after parking with us for just 10 days. More information on pre-booking and rewards can be found at gspairport.com/parking.

    Maintaining a high level of safety, convenience, and efficiency has been and continues to be our priority. Our goal is to always provide a better airport experience for our customers. That is why we were honored to be recognized with the Airports Council International – Airport Health Accreditation. The Airport Health Accreditation is an international recognition earned by airports that demonstrate their commitment to providing the highest level of health, safety, and facility cleanliness to their customers, employees, and business partners. GSP is the first airport in South Carolina to receive this accreditation. This accreditation comes just a few months after GSP was recognized as the “Best Airport in North America” serving 2-5 million passengers annually.

    Currently, GSP is handling approximately 80% of the passenger volume generated in 2019. As our journey to recovery continues, we see a very bright future for GSP and Upstate South Carolina travelers. Your hometown airport remains committed to providing the region with a safe, clean, efficient, and modern airport offering quality air service connections to the people and places that matter most to you. Thank you for supporting GSP and we hope to see you on your next flight!